Student Activities

Ajman girls represent UAE at UN forum

Students of Ajman University (AU) got a chance to attend the Youth Assembly organised by the United Nations at their headquarters in New York, USA.

At the invitation of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE), Rand Basheer Shehadeh and Malak Dumdom from the College of Engineering participated in the Youth Assembly, along with 700 other male and female members from around the world.

The three-day long event was a comprehensive platform comprising workshops, lectures, meetings, field trips, debates and discussions all related to the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations for the year 2030. The most prominent goals amongst them were the eradication of poverty, quality education, climate change and gender equality.

Young men and women from around the world share and discuss ideas and solutions pertinent to the goals and other areas of concern at the assembly. This engages the youth to be part of the strategic map being laid out to attain the sustainable development goals of the UN in 2030.

The beaming students proudly confirmed that they were the only ones representing the UAE and Ajman University at this prestigious platform.

Their participation has boosted their resolve of ensuring the flag they carried forth was well recognised. This has also strengthened their determination at working towards the sustainable development goals undertaken by them.

Their journey was even more memorable for AU because they were accompanied by Tazeen Sharif, AU alumni, faculty member from College of Engineering and IEEE member.