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Dr. Essa Basaeed

Dear IEEE UAE members,

It has been a very busy year in IEEE UAE Section. During 2017, our focus areas were strategy, governance, member-focus, and publicity.

In terms of strategy, the section signed a number of MoUs with strategic partners that included government entities, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutes, and private companies. The MoUs aimed at building long-term relationships with these entities. The next step would be building our strategic plan in cooperation with different stakeholders and in alignment with the IEEE strategic plan and UAE vision.

In governance, we reviewed the authority of the section officers and moved it to the section executive committee. We also made the minutes of meetings publicly available on our website in order to increase transparency in section operations. In addition, we published the procedures for frequent processes in an operations manual. This is to ensure a consistent experience for our partners.

With regard to members, we invited members who are not part of the executive committee to attend the meetings and held a brain-storming session with the members during our annual general meeting in order to involve members in the decision-making process. Moreover, we initiated a member-happiness index as one of our KPIs and partnered with a number of entities to offer discounts to members.

In terms of publicity, we renovated our website and extended our social network presence to Telegram and IEEE Collabratec. Also, in our effort to publicize members as a source of technical expertise in the UAE, we started the IEEE UAE Speaker Program. The program allowed members to volunteer as speakers and offered them a platform to share their experience and knowledge.

Best Regards,
Dr. Essa Basaeed
IEEE UAE Section Chair

Our Main Focus


Developing short-term, medium-term, and long-term strategy for the section. The strategy is to be developed in cooperation with different stakeholders and will be aligned with the IEEE strategic plan and UAE vision.


Establishing policies that empower volunteers, at different hierarchical levels, to innovate and enhance the prosperity of the section. Focusing on increasing financial and administrative transparency. Producing a comprehensive operations manual in order to ensure long-term consistency in section management.


Putting members at the center of section operations by engaging members in the decision-making process, offering opportunities for members to volunteer in various activities, and addressing not only technical but also professional development needs of members. Helping members to elevate their membership status to higher grades.


Publishing IEEE UAE news in the local media and across social media platforms. Publicizing IEEE UAE Section and its members as a source of technical expertise in the UAE. Establishing formal ties with technical schools, universities, government institutions, non-profit entities, and industries.

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