This document governs the internal operations of the IEEE UAE Section. It aims to complement not to replace MGA operation manual.

[expand title=”Definitions”]


  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Executive Committee:

  • Honorary chair
  • Chair
  • Vice-chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Student Activities Chair
  • Member Activities Chair
  • Technical Activities Chair
  • Nominations and Appointment Chair
  • Public Relations Chair

Section Committee:

  • Honorary chair
  • Chair
  • Vice-chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
    • Past treasurer
  • Student Activities Chair
    • Student branches
    • Student representative
  • Member Activities Chair
    • Membership development
    • Professional activities
    • Young professionals
    • Women in Engineering
  • Technical Activities Chair
    • Chapter coordinator
      • Signal Processing and Communication Societies Joint Chapter.
      • Robotics and Automation Society Chapter
      • Power Electronics and Control Societies Joint Chapter
      • Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter
      • Computer Society Chapter
      • Power and Energy Society Chapter
      • Circuits and Systems Society Chapter
      • Microwave Theory and Techniques and Instrumentation and Measurements Societies Joint Chapter
      • Solid-State Circuits Society Chapter
      • Education Society Chapter
      • Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Chapter
    • Conference coordinator
    • Educational activities
    • Industry relations (Action for Industry)
  • Nominations and AppointmentChair (immediate past chair or honorary chair)
    • Strategy
    • Nominations and Appointments
    • Awards
  • Public Relations Chair
    • Webmaster
    • Newsletter
    • Social networks manager
  • Special projects
    • Project managers of different initiatives

[expand title=”Article 1: Officers”]

Sec 1.1:

The terms of the officers shall be 2 years.

Sec 1.2:

Terms of office will begin 1st of January, but in any case the outgoing officers will continue until their successors are duly elected and take office.[/expand]

[expand title=”Article 2: Executive Committee”]

Sec 2.1:

To appoint chairs of Technical Activities, Member Activities, and Student Activities, each respective committee may nominate any section member to become the chair including members of the committee. The list of nominees needs to be approved by the Section Committee. Then, the chair is appointed from the list of approved nominees via elections within the respective committee.

Sec 2.2:

The chair of the Technical Activities Committee shall be automatically the chapter coordinator.

Sec 2.3:

The Nominations and Appointment chair shall be the immediate past chair or honorary chair.[/expand]

[expand title=”Article 3: Section Committee”]

Sec 3.1:

The introduction of a new position in the Section Committee requires the approval of the Executive Committee.

Sec 3.2:

Any Section Committee member can form his/her own committee. However, members of the formed committee will not be implicitly members of the Section Committee.

Sec 3.3:

The term of appointed members shall end 31 Dec. regardless of the appointment date.

Sec 3.4:

If approved by section Executive Committee, the appointment of an appointed Section Committee member might be renewed if not violating MGA rules.

Sec 3.5:

The section chair may request, in a Section Committee meeting, to remove another member from his/her appointed position with or without specifying the reason. The removal from office requires the affirmative votes of two-thirds of the voting members present in the meeting.

Sec 3.6:

The procedure of appointing members of the Section Committee is as follows:

  • Advertise opening positions within the committee to all section members.
  • The nomination committee selects from the pool of candidates.
  • The section Executive Committee approves the nominations.

Sec 3.7:

The section chair may override the procedure in Sec 3.6 in the following conditions:

  • If no suitable candidate was found for the position.
  • The position is considered urgent.
  • The position is vacant in the middle of the term.
  • The appointment is for members of the nomination committee.
  • The appointment is for members of the special projects committee.

The chair’s selection should be approved by the section Executive Committee.

Sec 3.8:

The term of affinity group officers and chapter officers shall be 2 years.

Sec 3.9:

The election of affinity group officers and chapter officers shall be based on lists and not individuals.[/expand]

[expand title=”Article 4: Business Meeting”]

Sec 4.1:

To meet for at least 8 times a year regardless of the medium.

Sec 4.2:

All Executive Committee members are voting members. A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.

Sec 4.3:

All meeting minutes shall be available to all members unless a particular meeting is declared confidential by the Executive Committee.

Sec 4.4:

If a voting member is not present in the meeting, the section chair may transfer the voting power of the absent member to a member in his/her committee.[/expand]

[expand title=”Article 5: Finance”]

Sec 5.1:

All expenditures of Section funds must be approved by the Executive Committee, and legally by at least two of the Section officers (Section Chairman or the Treasurer being one of them).

Sec 5.2:

As an exception to Sec 5.1, the Section Chair has the authority to spend no more than 1000 AED on each occasion without requiring the consent of the section executive committee. The section chair shall inform the section executive committee about the expense in the following meeting.

Sec 5.3:

To allocate rebate funds to each organizational unit as assigned by the IEEE and eliminating the pre-approval step. OU may request additional funds based upon pre-approval.[/expand]

[expand title=”Article 6: Amendments”]

Sec 6.1:

Proposals for amendment to these Bylaws may originate in the Executive Committee or by a petition signed by one-third or more voting members.[/expand]