Procedure for IEEE UAE Section Technical Sponsorship of Conferences and Symposiums

IEEE UAE section aims to promote research and innovations in UAE through the technical sponsorship of conferences, symposiums, workshops, seminars, and any other technical events. The organizers seeking IEEE technical sponsorship are advised to follow the following procedure:

Phase 1: Initial Approval

  1. Send a request for the sponsorship to the IEEE-UAE section’s technical activities and conferences chair ( with a document that has a full description of the event, a draft call for papers, conference committee with names and affiliations of key persons, the link to the conference web-page (if possible), and any other relevant information.
  2. The organizers must comply with IEEE UAE section Requirements for Technical Sponsorship stated below. These requirements can be addressed in the conference full description document. The organizers must provide a signed undertaking that they will adhere to the requirements.
  3. The request should be submitted at least one year prior to the event. Late submissions will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
  4. The IEEE-UAE section’s technical activities and conferences chair will process the request and send it to the IEEE UAE Section Executive Committee for a decision on initial approval or rejection of the event. The chair of the technical activities and conferences will subsequently inform the organizers of the technical event about the decision of the said committee.

Phase 2: MoU and Final Approval

  1. Upon receiving the initial approval the organizers should register the conference with the IEEE by visiting IEEE Conference and Event Registration page and completing the relevant form:
  2. The IEEE Headquarters staff generate the MoU that will need to be signed by the conference organizers and the IEEE UAE Section Chair.
  3. The organizers should send a regular update to the technical activities and conferences chair regarding the implementation of the technical requirements.
  4. The organizers must provide confirmation of the free registrations stated above (a minimum of 5 IEEE UAE members and 10 IEEE UAE student members) at least one month before the start of the conference. The organizers should coordinate the said registrations with IEEE-UAE section’s technical activities and conferences chair.


  1. Papers should be peer-reviewed.
  2. Papers are to be reviewed based on full-papers not abstracts.
  3. All papers must appear in a conference proceeding with page numbers (electronic or hardcopy) and be published in the IEEE Xplore.
  4. The Technical Program Committee should be diverse and not limited to a single country/institution.
  5. The Organization Committee must include at least one member of the IEEE UAE Executive committee.
  6. IEEE logo should be displayed in prominent place on the website and on all publications.
  7. IEEE members should be offered a discounted registration fee of at least 20%.
  8. The conference organizers should invite a representative of the IEEE UAE section to give a short talk about the IEEE activities at the opening ceremony of the conference.
  9. The organizers should offer the IEEE UAE section a desk during the conference to promote IEEE activities.
  10. The organizers must offer a minimum of 5 free registrations for IEEE UAE members and a minimum of 10 free registrations for IEEE UAE student members. It is to be noted that the said free registrations requirement shall also apply to all conference/events that would require the involvement of the section in any form.
  11. The IEEE UAE section will have no financial liability towards the conference.
  12. The conference chair, the technical program chair, and the publications chair of the conference or the symposium should be IEEE members.