The International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT’2023) @ Ajman University
Dec 6 – Dec 8 all-day

The International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT’2023) is a forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest research, results, ideas, developments, and applications in all areas of information technology. ACIT’2023 will include presentations to contributed papers and state-of-the-art lectures by invited keynote speakers. Tutorials on current issues and special sessions on new trends related to information technology and the software industry could be organized. This conference is considered as the official scientific conference for the Colleges of Computer and Information Society, stemming from the Association of Arab Universities.

2023 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation & Intelligent Computing (MoSICom) @ BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus (BPDC); United Arab Emirates Section
Dec 7 – Dec 9 all-day

Second version International Conference on Modelling, Simulation & Intelligent Computing, MoSICom- 2023, Dubai aims to bring together students, researchers, academia, and industry practitioners to showcase and exchange their latest fundamental advances in modelling, simulation & intelligent computing for state-of-the-art practices in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering. If anyone is into design, simulation and developing models, the MoSICom 2023, Dubai is the right place to showcase their research and exchange idea. Delegates from industry, academia & students will be given opportunity to present their work in the form of oral and poster presentations. The conference will also host several talks from keynote speakers in the expert field.

Dec 17 all-day

The International Conference on Microelectronics has already been held numerous times in different countries across the MiddleEast, Southern Europe, and Asia for the past 31 years. The 35th edition of the conference will take place in Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates. ICM 2023 will include oral, poster sessions and tutorials given by experts on state-of-the-art topics. The regular technical program will run for three days. In addition, tutorial sessions will be held on the first day of the conference.

Global Information Infrastructure and Networking Symposium (GIIS’24) @ Canadian University Dubai
Feb 19 – Feb 21 all-day

The Global Information Infrastructure and Networking Symposium (GIIS) consists of an interrelated set of technical, policy, and social issues implicit in the development of national and international (global) information infrastructures and networks. GIIS aims at identifying and promoting the exchange of knowledge on these interrelated issues and provides liaison to bodies in the global society, technical fora and international standards. GIIS 2024 follows the success of the precedent editions and intends to promote interdisciplinary conference sessions to discuss, build and further the use of national and international information infrastructures and networks. The conference also aims at providing a forum for the participants to broaden their professional contacts and for technical discussions and interactions on specific information infrastructure and networking topics. The program of GIIS 2024 will include invited talks and keynotes, paper presentations, tutorials, panels, and discussion sessions.

2024 IEEE 6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS 2024) @ Khalifa University
Apr 22 – Apr 25 all-day

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving a revolution in information technology as well as in many industries. New computing paradigms are required to support the emerging AI algorithms and applications, running on a diversity of platforms, from edge devices to cloud servers and from circuit level to system level. Addressing this challenge and opportunity, the AICAS conference has been established as the premier conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society to promote and facilitate state-of-the-art research, innovation, and development activities at the frontiers of artificial intelligence circuits and systems. It serves as an excellent platform allowing world scholars, technology researchers, and industry to exchange experiences, demonstrate their studies, and further advance AI circuits and systems technologies